Alarmy The Wake up Solution

Make your own Successful Morning with Alarmy!
Could you believe an alarm clock can change your life just a bit better?
Well, no others but Alarmy can be your solution!
Yes! Alarmy is more than just an alarm clock.

Have trouble with waking up in the morning?
Oversleep often? Do you want to wake up earlier?
Various missions, Soft to Loud ringtones, and additional features can make your morning better!
From Waking up gently to powerfully, you can rely on this free loud alarm clock
Set a ringtone as your favorite music, and combine missions & additional helpful features whatever you like! This is the new way of making a refreshed morning.
and now you can even record every day your morning feeling after sleep!

No more Oversleeping!Alarmy The Wake up Solution

Alarmy The Wake up Solution

FREE FEATURES:Alarmy The Wake up Solution
■Math Mission – Solve simple or advanced math problems that wake you up!
■Shake Mission – Shake your phone up to 999 times to dismiss your alarm
■Photo Mission – Wake up and take a photo of the registered place to dismiss your alarm.
■QR/Barcode Mission – Scan the barcode or QR code you registered to turn the alarm off.
■Memory game – Memorize tiles that are colored and select memorized tiles!

■Wake Up Check – Will check on you until you prove you’re fully awake
■In addition, there is ‘Snooze’, ‘Gradually increasing volume’, and ‘Vibrate features’ that can make refreshed morning.
■Quick Alarm – Set an alarm easily with a minimal setting to less than 1 min to a few hours

PREMIUM FEATURES:Alarmy The Wake up Solution
■Squat Mission – Take several rounds of squats as you get up and dismiss your alarm!
■Typing Mission – Type in a few motivational quotes or own-written phrases and get energized as you wake up.
■Step Mission – Walk 10, 20, and 50 steps, and turn off the alarm and wake up completely from sleep!

■Backup Sound – If you feel the usual alarm sounds are not enough, try this feature! just wait for a round you’ll get the loudest alarm ever!
■Time Pressure – Get heard what time it is, every minute while the alarm goes off!
■Label Reminder – Set your label then you’ll be told it every minute while the alarm goes off!

Download Application:Alarmy The Wake up Solution

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