Soft Cold Drink Recipe Make At Home Game

Welcome to play Soft Cold Drink Soda Factory Making Games. In this virtual soda factory, you can make different types of cold drinks and make slushy drink to run your food factory business. Become a fresh cold drink maker and prepare fresh lime juices in a soda factory. These cold drink-making games is specially designed for boys and girls who love to play educational cooking games.

Soft Cold Drink Recipe Make At Home Game

Drink the cola on your phone during this hot summer vacation from the soda factory. You have experienced many energy cola drink factory games but these soft cold drink games bring a unique features of baking soda and other drinks like juice, and slush in your own factory games.

Let’s begin your day as a cold drink factory worker and get ready to make fresh cola and fresh juices of different flavors in cold drink games. This soft cold drink soda factory game will teach you all the processes of making cold soft drinks in this factory game.

Explore different secret formulas to prepare virtual drink bottles in a factory plant of soft drink games. To make a delicious cola soda the first step is to fill the water in a water filter plant after that add some colored juice flavors in the water plant to make delicious lemon soda with different juicy flavors. After the process of filling add some quantity of sugar in a mineral water plant in cola games for girls.

કેરી પન્ના બનાવવાની રીત

શિકાંજી બનાવવાની રીત

કેરી ફુદીનાની લસ્સી

ફૂદીનાની ચાસણી

રોઝ સીરપ બનાવવાની રીત

Enjoy your hot summer vacation in this soft drink simulator game. Get ready to make fresh lime juice bottles in this cooking game. Have fun in these fast food and energy drinks games and learn all the making procedures of soft drinks. In this cola maker game, you can prepare different kinds of drinks like soda water, lemon soda and carbonated drinks, and cane. Use fresh fruits like mango, and grapes to make fresh bottles of drinks and colorful juice.