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Chanakya was a the royal advisor to the emperor Chandragupta Maurya and wrote the Artha-Shastra (circa 2nd century BCE).

He was a teacher, economist and jurist not a saint or a rishi.Chanakya Niti in Gujarati

His teachings (maxims) are open to dispute, and either accepted as being useful and applicable or rejected as being anachronistic, out of date or simply wrong. Just like the works of all the ancient Indian law-givers like Manu, Gautama, Apastamba, Parāśara, Kātyāyana et al. Take what is good, wholesome and universally beneficial and discard all the rest.

There is the timeless principle in Hindu exegesis of using common sense and critical thinking in filtering the teachings of the ancients since they were all humans with human biases, errors, misconceptions and limited understanding. None of the jurists or law-givers were perfect or infallible.

The greatest error of modern critics is “presentism”. In literary and historical analysis, presentism is the anachronistic introduction of present-day ideas, values and perspectives into depictions or interpretations of ancient works – they need to be analysed within their context and not through a modern lens.

So critical thinking is essential and belief is not required.

Chanakya Niti in Gujarati

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