Check sbi balance in whatsapp

check sbi balance in whatsapp

State Bank of India (SBI) has launched its WhatsApp Banking service. One of India’s largest banks announced the launch of the service through an official tweet on Thursday. Such banking services available on WhatsApp will make life easy for users, mainly because they will not need to download a new app or go to the ATM to check their account balance.

check sbi balance in whatsapp

“Your bank is now on WhatsApp. Get to know your Account Balance and view Mini Statement on the go,” SBI said announcing the launch of the service on Twitter. For now, SBI users on WhatsApp will be able to get their account balance and also mini bank statements. To avail SBI WhatsApp Banking services, users will just need to send a ‘Hi’ to the number +919022690226. The following are the steps to get your SBI bank account balance on WhatsApp:check sbi balance in whatsapp

check sbi balance in whatsapp

Step 1: You will first need to register your account for SBI WhatsApp Banking services.

Step 2: To register for these services, you will need to send “SMS WAREG A/c No” to 917208933148 from your 10 digit mobile number registered with the bank.

Step 3: Once the registration is completed, send ‘Hi’ to the number +919022690226.

Step 4: Next, you will receive a message stating “Dear Customer, Welcome to SBI Whatsapp Banking Services!check sbi balance in whatsapp