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dslr photography


How to turn your mobile into a professional camera in a blink? We did something cool.

Applying advanced AI computational photography and AI algorithms, ReLens can instantly turn your phone into a DSLR professional camera and HD Camera.
With its powerful DSLR-grade large aperture that creates blur background/bokeh effect and its HD camera, ReLens camera makes it easy to capture “DSLR-like” and “cinematic” shots.dslr photography

ReLens is designed to be a professional camera and manual camera photography app for mobile photography enthusiasts and to help everyone enjoy the fun of photography easily. ReLens may bring you some surprises with various lenses.dslr photography

dslr photography

# Excellent Features

-[Portrait mode effect & Auto Blur ] Support large aperture f1.4, shallow depth-of-field, auto blur, and real bokeh lens effect on smartphones, just like the background blur in portrait mode.dslr photography

-[Focus after shoot] AI calculates the depth of field and adds bokeh lens effects to imaged photos. Easy to do after-focus.dslr photography

-[20+ Lens Effects] Various professional lens optical effects, including eclipse, softening, out-of-focus reflex, out-of-focus rotation, radiation, dispersion, distortions, etc.dslr photography

-[20+ Optical Effects] Multiple classic SLR camera lenses with different optical effects, such as 50mm f1.4 Fixed-focus Lens, Mirror Lens (Reflex Lens), Anamorphic Lens, and Swirly bokeh effect lens.

dslr photography

-[30+ Bokeh Shapes] Simulation of shutter blade shapes, which create different bokeh shapes in the blur area such as the heart, snowflake, ring, pentagram, hexagon, water drop, flower petal, diamond, etc.

-[30+ Photo Frames] Special designed photo frames and professional photography watermark for you to showcase your big shots. Highly editable frames for you to get the perfect one frame or watermark with background, material, logo and color that suit your images.

-[15+ Powerful Toning Tools] Retouching the foreground or the auto-blur background without impacting the rest of the image. Relens intelligently partition the front and back view for you to tone the images. The all-in-one Tone Pattern and preset filters save you time to open other photo retouching apps, including HSL, Curve, Color Grading, Glow, Slow Shutter, Lens Flare, etc.

-[20+ Filter Packages] Specially designed photo preset filter packages, including Classic Cameras, Classic Movies, Photography Master, Portrait, Landscape, etc. Get natural and good-looking tones for your photos.

-[Manual Blur] Manually modify the depth of field for more accurate focus areas. Adjust the blur effect as you like.

-[3D depth view] Visualize the depth of field of your Portrait mode photo with the professional 3D view or colorful depth map.

#Almighty professional manual camera:

● Supports taking pictures and recording

● Front and rear 20 times magnification (not supported on some models), comparable to SLR 136mm telephoto lens.

● Manual controls for exposure, shutter, ISO, focus, and white balance

● Professional white balance mode, daylight 5200K, cloudy 6000L, shadow 7500K, incandescent 3000K, fluorescent 4000K.

● Various photography modes: Manual professional mode, self-timer (burst) mode, and more photography modes will be launched soon.

● Professional video camera mode (pmd), recording HD video

● Professional auxiliary tools: grid lines, level gauge, etc.

● Professional information such as volume indicator, battery capacity, storage space, etc. displayed on the screen.


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