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BLOKK application :About this app

BLOKK filters what your phone is sending back to apps and websites, blocking over 420,000 sites that are known to compromise your privacy or security, including trackers and scams.

❌ Block Trackers
❌ Block Scam Websites

📱 App tracking protection right from your phone 📱

BLOKK Free Features:

🛡️ Trackers & Scams Blocked 🛡️
View how many trackers have been blocked from each of your most recently used apps.

⚠️ Instant Scam Website Warnings ⚠️
Get notified instantly if you visit a known scam or other harmful website.

⏯️ Pause at Any Time ⏯️
Turn BLOKK on, off or pause it whenever you like.

 Whitelist Apps 
Turn BLOKK off for a specific app and let all trackers through.


🚰 See What Your Phone’s Leaking 🚰
View the trackers and scams that have been blocked in detail.

🌐 Control What’s Blocked 🌐
Manually block or unblock specific trackers.

🌎 Decide Where Your Data Goes 🌎
View a global map of your data and geo-block countries.

📅 View BLOKK History 📅
View up to 30 days of blocking and phone activity history.

▶️ Configure Block Lists ⏹️
Turn on or off specific block list categories (such as trackers or scams)

💡 Access Advanced Options 💡
Including blocking IP addresses and unusual characters.

📲 On Your Phone 📲BLOKK application

BLOKK is not a virtual private network (VPN) but works by using a VPN connection on your device to block trackers and scams. This allows BLOKK to filter trackers and scam sites, providing you with privacy and app tracking protection right from your phone.BLOKK application